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Yif Magic… check out his stuff!!!

The Rubik’s Cube That Isn’t!!!



Doing magic on Fremont Street. Come see me tonight out there!



Doing magic on Fremont Street… Come see me Thurs night!!!

Doing magic on Fremont Street… Come see me Thurs night!!!



Morgan Strebler vs. Criss Angel

Morgan Strebler has offered a no holds bar magic challenge. In this article its Morgan states that he wants no camera tricks and split screen live show. Apparently Criss’s facebook blog site has taken anyones post about this down. Hopefully more information surfaces soon. I will make sure to share any updates.


Great artist recreating a torn card…another form of magic.!



Starting to make new videos of some of my magic! This one is what I call Color Blind, I hope you enjoy this card trick!!! Leave comments! 



This is my new video of myself doing Bill Abbott’s The THING. Thanks to my friend Mario for making it for me! Enjoy!



Interview with Oscar Munoz

I had the great honor to sit down and ask Oscar Munoz a few questions about magic. Here is our little interview, I hope you enjoy!

Sean Clark: How do you practice?

Oscar Munoz: I Practice everyday. I have a set time in the day just like I have set time when I workout at the gym. I write the line if it’s a talking piece and try them out in shows. If it does not get me the reaction I need I go back to the drawing board. I always adjust to my audience. If it’s a music piece, in other words, a silent act, I first get the routine down with music and all the moves. Then I blindfold myself and practice in the dark. That was instilled in me by my theater coach. Why, you ask? Well, it keeps you from thinking about the moves and allows you to concentrate on your emotions while connecting with your audience. I can go on forever talking about the subject. 

SC: Do you specialize in a particular kind of magic? Close up, Stage, Children? And why? 

OM: I do it all. Why, because I do magic as a living. I dabble in all types, whether it be close-up, stage or children’s show because i makes you a full rounded entertainer. I believe at the end of the day, it’s about entertaining your audience, magic is secondary in my eyes. You’re only as good as your audience allows you to be. Once the show is finished you start all over again, with a new audience. 

SC: Do you feel the internet is helping or ruining magic?

OM: I don’t think the internet is ruining the magic world, at least for me. You must remember it’s not about the magic effect, but the connection with the audience. You can’t get the human emotion from a computer screen. I think that if the magician is smart enough, the internet can be used for his or her betterment. I dont think that the internet kills the magician, I think that bad magicians or magic on the internet kill the magician. 

Thanks Oscar for taking time to set down with me! Please go check out Oscar’s Facebook page

Thanks Oscar for taking time to chat with me. Check out Oscar’s Facebook Page

Interview with Cedric Taylor

Sean Clark: How do you Practice?

Cedric Taylor: As an Urban Entity, I must practice my patter.  For those who don’t understand what patter is, patter is a script that we must follow in order to set the tone for the finale of our main effect.  Its the equivalent as a stand up comedian remembering his setup for his punchline joke. My punchline happens to be the moment I tell a spectator what he or she is thinking.

SC: Do you specialize in a particular kind of magic? Close up, Stage, Children? And Why?

CT: As I stated earlier, I specialize in mental magic, also called mentalism. It’s something we all call mindreading. My act is usually suited for a strolling audience. I will adapt a lot of what I do to the stage. I generally don’t do children’s performances. From ages fifteen and up is what I strive for. Not that I hate children, I love children. It’s just my style is suited for a more mature audience. By mature, I mean those who would enjoy mindreading. Every now and then, I will find myself doing some card tricks for kids and stuff. 

SC: What do you think of Criss Angel, David Blaine, Lance Burton, Penn and Teller, David Copperfield, Mac King, or Amazing Johnathan? These are the faces of magic today, is there anyone that stands out for you and if so why?

CT: Wow! That’s a record for the longest wuestion ever! Isn’t it? HaHa. Well I love them all for different reasons. Criss Angel is a true showman and whether you like him or not, there is no denying his following. Kudos to Criss, besides I love his female demographic!

David Blaine, David Blaine, David Blaine… What’s not to love about David. He showed me that not all performances have to be done on stage. In fact he and Criss collectively made me want to take my performances to the streets. It’s no longer taboo. The one thing I dislike about them both are the fact they are so good, no matter what performance I do on the streets (Even if they have never done it before.), the general public will link you to one of the two. You have no idea how many “The Black Criss Angele” comments I hear. In a way that gets on your nerves but alls that shows you exactly what you need to do in order to seperate yourself from the two, whichs is why I’m a mind reader!

Lance Burton is cool, when I say cool this guy does his magic with such a suave presence. It’s like mixing Criss Angel with Hugh Hefner. 

Penn and Teller, WOW! They have by far the best patter I have ever seen. Their brians should be one day donated to science. 

Copperfield is who every magician should want to be. I love him for the same reasons I love Criss Angel and Lance Burton.

Mac King is really neat, his performance makes me want to be as smooth!

Amazing Johnathan, he’s a madman! What makes his performances insane are what makes him great!

Others who stand out to me would be Uri Geller, and a guy named Peter Turner. Let’s start with Geller, he made being paranormal cool. I like him for his motives or not, but Geller is my favorite performer of all time! He created a movement. That’s something very few performers can say. Plenty of guys has influenced an era, but no one has ever had the impact of Uri Geller. I liked the fact that he lived on the edge and was willing to put himself in some of the most compromising situations. And the fact that he took all that James had and still continues to fool people, is totally beyond me! Gellerism. Enough Said! Peter Turner deserves to be mentioned because he is a genius. He has literally told me his actual methods and still manages to fool me. If psychics were real, Peter Turner would be the best genuine psychic. 

SC: Wow, what a long answer! So, do you feel the internet is helping or ruining magic? With sites like YouTube, you can easily ruin a magicians hard work by revealing effects. Do you feel it helps the art to progress or is it slowly killing it?

CT: The interent in some aspects has ruined magic. If you take into consideration all that it has done for magic, then we could all live with it. I’ve seen guys career literally skyrocket because of the internet. It’s the ultimate marketing tool. YouTube has helped me as far as exposure to television executives, so i’ll be grateful! Like I said, earlier if you take into consideration all of the good vs. the bad, we could all live with it. 

SC: Do you do this professionally?

CT: How, nice of you to ask. The Urban Entity is a name that i’ve adopted and something that I struggle to live up to. In my mind, I wanted to be the closest thing to The X-Men’s Charles Xavier and Magneto combined. Thus The Urban Entity was born. I” a;ways be a street performer. I want to do for mentalism, what Blaine and Angel have done for street magic. Because I admire Uri Geller’s style so much, I feel b adding all of that together and using my character. I know I could truly become something special!